Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance For Unusual Insurance Risk

What does a Ballet Dancer, Grave Digger, Tattooist and Feng Shui consultant have in common? The answer is nothing other than they are some of the more unusual occupations that have purchased public liability & employers liability insurance in the recent past.

We can of course cater for the more mainstream occupations such as glaziers, lock smiths and landscaping contractors, but we do like a challenge and placing unusual insurance risks is one of our strengths. From Piano Tuners to Pathologists, Street performers to Sculptors, French Polishers to Fancy Dress hire, if you’re running a business, you’ll need some form of insurance cover like public liability and employers’ liability insurance.

Placing unusual insurance is at times tricky because the main underwriters don’t fully understand the risk, and therefore tend to shy away from it. Getting the right public liability and employers liability insurance at the right price online can also be challenging as again, the main online players aren’t necessarily geared up to deal with unusual insurance risks that are out of the ordinary. It’s our job as a chartered insurance broker to make the most of our industry experience, knowledge and relationships in order to find workable solutions and unusual insurance for your business. By their very nature, unusual insurance risks, such as Drystone Wallers, Ballet Dancers and Composers, are unusual because there aren’t many of them, so the insurance markets aren’t large. As an established chartered insurance broker, we are often able to leverage our position in order to establish the required level of public liability and employers’ liability insurance.

If you have an unusual public liability or employers liability insurance risk, run it by us as we would love to help.

For further information contact Matt Barton on 0118 9165483, email him directly, or fill out our web form. Matt is based in our Reading office and we’re sure he’d like to hear what your unusual insurance risk is!

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